Mapa Ceibo (Argentina map) v2.5 ETS2 1.49


Changes in v2.5

Adopted to the latest game patch 1.49

Its Brazil Map For ETS2 1.49

Mapa Ceibo (Argentina) – this mod adds a quality standalone map mod for ETS2 players. To run you need to create a profile and select the mapaceibo.mbd module. The map includes a passenger mod for passenger transport, various roads – both huge highways and rural country roads.

Features Mapa Ceibo (Argentina):

– Standalone map;

– Cities: Loreto, Rio Cuarto, Rosario de la Frontera and Methan;

– Many different roads and interesting interchanges;

– The map shows its own unique Argentinean traffic;

– Exclusive models for the card (brand new);

– Has own companies;

– Beautiful Bus Terminals;

– Realistic Landscape;

– Required all DLC’s.


CEIBO TEAM, Pedro Navarrete, Franco Castilla, Franco Ramirez, Kaku Peralta

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