Real Traffic Density ETS2 v1.47.b


changelog v.1.47.b

-fixed error in one semaphore cycle in Baltics


- Speed limits for existent Ai vehicles is not affected, my mod only changes speed limits for emergency, motorcycles and sport cars

- Semaphore cycle was improved to match with increased traffic density (yellow duration after green is also increased you don’t need an additional mod for this) from 1.38 1x2 and 2x1 roads have longer green for 2 lanes roads vs the one lane road within the same crossroad

- Slow vehicles can be seen with low density in traffic only in roads with 1x1 lanes and with higher density on country roads

- Classic cars and motorcycles can also be seen on country roads with low density and reduced speed

- Ai can overtake on simple continuous line on 1x1 roads



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