Republic of Karelia Map r5.0 1.40


Changelog r5.0
Update for 1.40.
Many new objects, roads. Expansion of Sortavala, Sortavala-Pitkyaranta highway.
And many other little things.
400 km of roads 1k1 were reached.

The Republic of Karelia map is an updated virtual map for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The Republic of Karelia is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a republic within it. It is part of the Northwestern Federal District and is part of the Northern Economic Region. The capital is the city of
Petrozavodsk. This project was carried out at the beginning of 2020, in more than a year, about 400-450 real kilometers were built. Map on a scale of 1k1 (Real kilometers).

Game version for the map: 1.40.x DX11
Required DLS cards: ALL (Going East, Scandinavia, Viva la France, Italia, Beyond Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea).

The archive contains 3 files
- def
- Model
- map


Dmitry Povetkin

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