RJ Map (Rio de Janeiro) ETS2 v3.0


RJ Map (Rio de Janeiro) - here is an updated map of Brazil in search of new drivers. The map was created taking into account all the details of the region and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. The map has a large number of various interchanges.This map contains only cities in the state of Rio De Janeiro. It contains skins and real Brazilian companies.

Features mod RJ Map (Rio de Janeiro):

- standalone map, when creating a profile, you must select the gaming unit: Rjmap.mbd

- detailed map of Rio de Janeiro, many diverse interchanges

- on the map of Rio de Janeiro there are a lot of wide and narrow roads, beautiful surroundings and nature;

- the map has its own trailers, models, prefabs.

- the map has the possibility of bus transportation

- All Dlcs Needed for This Map

- required a new profile to be created

Here is Complete Map Review Video: 


Use This Profile If Map Not Working :



rjmap_developer, Cristhian Cardoso, André Bituca


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