SibirMap v2.7.0


Adaptation to version 1.49.

The R-351 highway from Tyumen to Yekaterinburg has been added, as well as the localities of Asbestos, Bogdanovich, Beloyarsky, Pyshma.

The city of Kazan has been expanded. Added a check-in to the city of Kazan in the Mamadyshsky tract area.

The M-7 Kazan-Arsk road has been added for further connection with the KirovMap project.

Argayash settlement in the Chelyabinsk region has been added

The skin pack from Danila Tanchuk has been expanded

Minor corrections throughout the map



Co-authors of the project:
Victoria Victoria
Denis Denlog
Valery 10 Avoid
Artyom SimKA
Horizon (PM)

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