Silesia Rebuild in Poland & Connectors v1.46


Mod is about rebuild the southern lands of Poland region "Silesia" and the main City Katowice the author is sobieski86.

What We have for You:

New City - Gliwice

New City - Czeladź

Rebuild of Katowice

Rebuild of roads and highways like A4, S86, 86, 79, etc

Rebuild one of the famous roads in Silesia named DTS

Rebuild of Highway A1 - for now Highway is in game but You cannot take a trip from Gliwice to Czestochowa :)

Road junctions Sosnica (the biggest road and highway junction in Europe developed in 1:1 scale), Roździeńskiego, Bocheńskiego, Mikołowska, Częstochowa North

And many many other things

How to install mod ?

- First you need to unpack the RAR File.

- Then Put the 2 files in the ETS2 mod folder.

- You need all DLC also the Iberia and ETS in version 1.46

- You need Promods 2.63 and Poland Rebuild 2.5.5 with fix on Their site

- You need to set the mod ( silesia_1.0.0.scs) above the Poland Rebuild

- You can also set the Poludniowa Polska mode with silesia mod ( the order doesnt matter)

You need 2 files map+connection

Compatible with ETS2 1.46x



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