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After a long time I have now done and the MapViewer for the new LS2013 compatible. I also have some built-in innovations with. The handling is now even besser.Was is the MapViewer? Who the PDA map is too small in the game, or who knows where like which player in multiplayer rumfährt, or you wish to know where you've parked anywhere on your map tools. Then the Mapviewer is just right for you. The MapViewer is the PDA map by pressing a key on the entire screen represents Beautifully Clear with player names and positions of all vehicles and Geräte.Farbliche distinction of equipment and vehicles. Although Giants has now added his own overview map, I think it was not finished this thought and a lot of useful functions are missing. The MapViewer should not and can not (yet) replace the map of Giants. The MapViewer is viewed as an additional aid werden.Viele innovations and changes. As I always re working on little things, but they've never been published, there is this now the largest 2013.Die innovation, an information panel is that is displayed by clicking on a drive or device Show it. In this panel, depending on the model, a variety of information in addition displayed angezeigt.Bei normal vehicles such as the name and the type of additional players if any, and the diesel Füllstand.Hat a vehicle attached devices are also displayed this. Is there a level of angezeigt.Bei with capacity threshers and content, for example, the level and the current crop type displayed. The panel automatically adjusts the position of having. So you can always have the level of his helpers in the eye behalten.Für LS 2013, I've also adjusted the display of hotspots. It is now an additional text display is an indication of why, for example, wool or Eier.Ebenfalls display integrated in the map field numbers, and their status - white = not yet in possession - Red = Current auction - Green = In Does the size of the card used SpielersDie must no longer be adjusted as before with a key. I've found a way to determine this automatically. Also I have taken the wird.Eine adjusted for oversize cards in the size of the original PDA other big change I have to load the PDA, field numbers and PoI files for MapViewer vorgenommen.Die to now in the zip file of the map Looking for various positions, so that they will be found on a map kann.Sollte have no field numbers and / or PoI files, they can also be created easily werden.Mappere himself and simply stored in the modfolder use this to retroactively the MapViewer files ready observed without the Map Upload completely new to müssen.Der MapViewer automatically also modfolder thereafter. These are found, the existing priority to make any in the map files. This facilitates the design of the individual files. It hereby also own information, instead of the field numbers displayed or PoI werden.Ebenfalls can thereby make corrections to the PDA, for example, under very bad PDA files. Translations can also hereby created files (PDA, field numbers and PoI) werden.Die for the standard map I have reintegrated into the MapViewer. These can also be copied into the modfolder vorzunehemen.Ich to own adjustments have first once to display the Course gives away prices. So far I have not yet used the CP we have is not up to date how far this compatible with LS13. Also I need to further changes to the CP once anschauen.Die display of bottles, which do not exist anymore, I also have entfernt.Ich reworked many of the texts and messages. If errors occur, they should help to find the cause and fix können.Features ======== - Total PDA map on the screen via * key * Numpad 0 - buttons can be customized options in the game is very simple. - Full Multiplayer compatible - Fits standard map LS 13th Required files already exist. - Player names and positions in real time - positions of vehicles and attachments - using symbols to represent, color distinction of the types of devices - Symbols Key on * Delete key * (With active Map) - Indicates if any, the hotspots on the large map - field numbers the card status (owned, auction, open) - If the mapper support, or from the modfolder advertisement, field numbers and PoI - Current position of the milk trucks - from loading the box numbers and PoI locally - Improved load the PDA map from Mapzip the modfolder - Automatically adjust to large maps. Adjusting the original PDA. - Information panel with lots of additional information on vehicles and equipment with one click. Updated in real time. - Improve messages for errors in the log lighter find errors. - Teleportation. Players can now teleport by card. For example, to explore new maps or when mapping to check the correctness of changes. Installation ============! Remove any old versions of MapViewer out of your mods folder. ! Danch just like any mod, put the zip file in your mods folder. LS start. Fertig.Die keyboard layouts can be adjusted in the options of your desires, LS werden.Die keys can be found in the text or in the mod description. For the standard map, I inserted the field numbering and PoI in my zip. Here you can also see how each Mapper to integrate them into your own map.

Zip in the MapViewer the archive is located In this file I have again added to the default maps and overlays to the map Hagenstedt V2. This can be used to separate overlays anzufertigen.Weitere Information ===================== Check out the attached screenshots are here to Modhoster an.In my extensive WIKI many aktualisiertWer yet more information on the map viewer to find https :/ / / Fox-Alpha / MapViewer / wikiLeider want my MapViewer can visit https on Facebook :/ / 249869455043154Vielen thanks to all the testers who helped me haben.MapViewer troubleshooting and improvement Changelog ======================== V0.7 - Compatible with LS2013 - display an info panel on click - Displays: - Name of the clicked object to - Displays player names - Model - Displays level and type of fill, if available. - Displays Diesel Füllstandan - Displays attached devices, if any, and the level and type of fill - Current position of the milk truck. (Currently, only the host in Multipolayer) - display the names of the new hot spots and unloading points, such as for wool, eggs and even gas stations, etc. - can be switched on by switches from the overlays - display the field numbers from the game. It is accepted as the color on the original maps. - White = Not owned - Red = Current auction - Green = In Does the player - Teleport - If the player is sitting in any vehicle, you can use the teleport function - Quickly explore a map - Quick jump to current workers - Quickly switch from vehicles - Map disappears after Teleport - Mapper can quickly check their changes over - it will not load any more local settings. - Size of the original PDA is now angeoasst automatically when an oversized card is played. Changes to load the PDA, field numbers and PoI files - is now looked at the map in the zip 3 courts whether PDA_Map exists. - Ready files for the standard map available - all files can be stored locally in modfolder. - File names are as follows: - mv_pda_ [NAMEDERZIPDATEIKARTE] dds - mv_fnum_ [NAMEDERZIPDATEIKARTE] dds - mv_poi_ [NAMEDERZIPDATEIKARTE] dds - This can be used for individual adjustment.... - To expand the map if they are not served by the modders - to translations into other languages (PoI) - Local files have priority to the integrated in the map files. - No overlay more for bottles - (tested up to this from me in LS13) No overlay more for Course Play - convert all video files to DDS format fixes: - added missing translations - - Picture of Mapviewers in Modauswahl Other error messages including translations - -! Who would like to offer the MapViewer on other sites. Einizige condition that you used the original link is from me! ------ I forbid also my script in your own maps to integrate, I will block all cards that do not permit me duch there --- If you like the script, please leave a little feedback and a click on the rating would me too. Who does not like the script, I ask for constructive criticism. I'm always open to suggestions.


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