Glance v0.27


'Glance' is an attempt at making a more configurable and less screen occupying 'notification-and-status utility', similar to the mods; 'Inspector' and 'LoadStatus'.

The features of 'Glance' are:
- Only visible when the Helpbox is turned off (default key: F1)
- Using columns, which should be easier to read
- Can be dynamically configured ...
-- ... to show only notifications you care about
-- ... with regards to what font-size and colors you want to use
-- ... how and which columns should be displayed in sequence
- Will show when a hired-worker has finished
- Displays the vehicle's location in the world and when within a map designated field-boundary
- Speed of the vehicle, and if it is being blocked by something (like a tree, fence or car)
- Animal husbandry; low productivity, full pallet, eggs available
-- Some support for Marhu's Pig mod
- .. and possibly more to come

How to use it
First you must turn off the Helpbox (default key: F1), to be able to see the Glance notifications.
The first time you ever run Glance, it will create a default configuration-file called GlanceConfig.XML in the MODS folder.
Due to the modifiable configuration - which maybe for some seem complex and confusing - there will in the support-topic for this mod, later be given instructions and examples on how/what to modify.
The configuration-file will be (re)loaded every time you leave the in-game menu (a.k.a. ESC-menu, ESC-screen.) So it is possible to pause the game, ALT-TAB out of FS13, then edit GlanceConfig.XML, ALT-TAB back into FS13 to continue playing and see if the changes for Glance are acceptable.

Switching it on/off
To see notifications from Glance, you have to switch off the Helpbox (default key: F1), and have set a 'minimum notification level' that has a lower-or-equal value than the notifications you care about.

To hide Glance, either switch on the Helpbox again, or set the 'minimum notification level' to show less (i.e. a value higher than any of the notifications) using the action-key (default: LEFT ALT + L).

The action-keys, which can be changed in the Options - Controls screen, are these by which you can in-game instantly set the 'minimum notification level':
LEFT ALT + M = Glance:More Notify - i.e. show more notifications, possibly showing everything.
LEFT ALT + L = Glance:Less Notify - i.e. show less notifications, possibly showing nothing at all.
And just to clarify once again:
F1 = Toggle helpbox off to show Glance.

Problems or bugs?
If you encounter problems or bugs using the 'Glance' mod, please use the support-thread at - Find the mod (and correct version) in the mods section, in category 'Other - Game Scripts'.
Known bugs/problems:
- Not tested with whatever latest version there is of Marhu's Pig mod.

This mod's files MUST NOT be embedded in any other mod. - However it is accepted if this mod is included in a mod-pack, when this mod's original hash-value is kept intact.
Please do NOT upload this mod to any other hosting site - I can do that myself, when needed!
Keep the original download link!


Script: Decker_MMIV

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