Hand Animation v2.0


Ride it like to over your fields and the steering wheel looks to it as it rotates on its own and the farmer moves a finger?

- I do not program, i have, thanks to the idea of lechu, this package developed that I would like to share understandable with a (hopefully) instructions with you.

included is a farmer, you have to install in your mod and base textures by GIANTS, if your mod does not have a Farmer.

Dealing with the GIANTS Editor is assumed slight xml skills are advantageous)

For questions, problems, ideas and Verbessungsvorschlägen you can write me a message or write comments below.

This mod may NOT without my permission on other sites to download
be offered or re-upload, not even using the original links!

This mod must NOT be uploaded or shared on any other sites without my permisson
not even by using the orignal link!


Idee: Lechu
Umsetzung + Script: Aranea

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Commented on 2014-08-28 20:41:21


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