In Game Menu Enhancement v3.0


Read me !
Mod: InGameMenuEnhancement
All Rights Reserved by Team - Sub7 (Austria )
Credits: Thanks to all helpers and testers
Author: Blue Tiger
Informer : Madjack , mor2000 , Marhu
Tester : Aerox1939 , Modsauger

Guidance and Legal:
This mod is free to use and is available for free !
It is permitted to make this mod available for download !
It is allowed and encouraged to apply this mod and spread!
Permission is granted to include this mod in packages ! Mention credits! An information would be nice.
Permission is granted to link to this mod directly !

It is NOT allowed to use this mod commercial!
It is NOT allowed to host this mod on platforms where this is available only for a fee or severe restrictions !
A free registration at a forum is not a massive restriction !

This mod and parts of it are protected by copyright!
All rights reserved by Team Sub7 an Austrian company !

Ask any questions , inquiries , requests or errors email to [email protected] or in the various forums at Blue Tiger !

new :
This mod expands the simulator and highlights some limitations.
Limiting the maximum Fruit Types and Filltypes be repealed.
Support for multiple FoliageMultiLayer for fruits is inserted.
Cultivators and plows of fruits in several FoliageMultiLayern now works !
Sowing machines and cultivators are also extended.

Fruit stains without fruit in Maps:
This mod prevents the show from these spots, which are sometimes seen on maps , although no fruit is grown.

Esc / Pause / - game menu :
The name of the zip file can be arbitrary, should begin with AAA01 anyway.

The mod expands the menu to display the fruit and growth status ( pause or Esc menu). All existing fruits are displayed.

The following options can be changed in the InGameMenuEnhancement.xml :
1 columns : Default Value: 2 -> The number of columns is specified. More than 3 does not make sense .
2 textSize : Default Value: 0.016 -> Here is the font size is specified.
3 spacer : Default Value: 0.005 -> Specifies the spacing between the lines.
4 invisible : Default Value: dryGrass , straw , weed - > fruits that should not be displayed in the menu . eg for weed !

PDA menu:
To this end, I recommend the Mod " PDAfix " of Marhu ! This extends the PDA.

Fruit Types and Filltypes :
This mod removes the limit of 64 fruits ( fruit type ) and also the limit of 64 Filltypes !

Seeding machines :
This mod makes it unnecessary built fruits specially in the sowing paste !
This mod invite only the fruit used on the map in the seeding machines , which have also allowsSeeding as true !
There is no double entries and no more unavailable fruits!
The mod " cleanSeeder " is unnecessary!

Cultivator extension:
This mod builds in all Cultivators a function to reverse the field boundary . It is therefore possible fields with the cultivator to increase or create .
So similar to the plow. The Mod " field recognition " is unnecessary.

Recommended Mods:
FruitHudText : This mod will show the name of the selected fruit or charged under the symbol .
MultiFruitMod : Adds the devices in the fruits or sets the colors and names of fruits.

Sprachen/Languages: (EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, PL, CS, HU)

<HU>Olvasni Én elérhet? magyar nyelven
<CS>Soubor Readme v ?eštin? k dispozici
<ES>Léeme en español disponible
<PL>Przeczytaj mnie w Polsce dost?pne
<IT>Me leggere in italiano disponibile
<FR>Lis-moi disponiblement en français
<EN>Read me in English availably
<DE>Lies mich auf Deutsch vorhanden

BlueTiger / Team-SUB7
Informers: Madjack, mor2000, marhu
Testers: Aerox1939, Modsauger

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Commented on 2014-04-26 16:41:46

Bad Zip file......
The modesc has no header so it will not show up in mod order....



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