LeeAgra DT475 + Bomford Hedge trimmer v1.0


LeeAgra DT475
This fuel bowser is based on the LeeAgra DT475, it has been modeled to be as close to the real thing as possible
The Leeagra DT475 is LeeAgra's most popular diesel fuel trailer, it was designed to pull behind one ton or smaller vehicles, so transferring fuel is easy and convenient. It takes more fuel these days to keep the larger tractors and construction equipment rolling on the job.
Capacity has been wildly exaggerated for the purposes of the simulation (In reality it is 500 Gallons or 2,073 litre but I felt this was too little
for Farming Simulator so increased it vastly to 2000 gallons or 9,092 liters. the trigger works fine and the trailer moves smoothly.
This is the first trailer I have attempted so I hope it is okay for you.
If you want to improve this mod then by all means go ahead but please give me the credit for creating the thing in the first place.

Bomford Hedge trimmer
This is a hedge trimmer which can be used to cut the cuttable hedges on the Broadwoods map by SamN Modding which was part of the Map Mania competition.
Functions are very limited, as it is based on an attachable forage harvester (attachableCombine) It unfolds to one position, and can not be moved then, but it is the right hieght for cutting the hedges. More animations will be added at a later stage depending on its success.
To operate the hedge trimmer, hitch it up, press X to unfold, then B to power it up. It will not unfold if you power it up first. The trimmer also needs to be lowered. It is lowered by default when you attach it, and it will say in the F1 help box if it is lowered or not.
This trimmer cuts hedge, cow parsley (big flowers beside the hedge) and grass, so it can be used on other maps too.
The help box says you can press O to raise the pipe, this does not do anything, and is just there as it is part of the attachableCombine scripts.
Feel free to build on this work and make it better, its kind of an unfinished project, but I need to release it now due to work commitments and the Map Mania voting.
Hope you enjoy using it, any issues comment in the support topic, or send me a message at facebook.com/samnmodding


This is all my own work but thanks must go to LeeAgra for the idea and again to Milpol for helping to iron out a few bugs.
Bomford Hedge trimmer
Model, texture Ingame - SamN Modding
Original scripts by GIANTS software.

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