Ls Control v1.0


Hello I have here for you a control panel for your cell phone.
With this you can control functions in LS on your mobile phone many different vehicle and equipment .
Unzip the ZIP file to the Destop to a folder. This must be to locate later on the phone.
If you have found the file manager in the phone the file " Ls Control" , click on them . It is then asked whether the Steuerrung to be installed click "ok" finished.
Then you have the IP address in the phone from your PC to enter . ( The ip is available in network network adapter properties under Details . ( What it looks like , see photos )

What do you need to make it work ?
WIN Remote for Windows
( )
Quite normal install and the settings set as in the pictures .

WIN Remote for Android
Here again simply download and install
Then follow the pictures.
If you have questions PM me
MfG Marvin



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