Mouse Steering v1.0.1


By the mod "Mouse Steering" allows all vehicles with the mouse
steer and accelerate.
This vehicle can be much more precise steering (like a gamepad)

By holding the middle mouse button, the mod is activated.
It appears (for Exterior) a steering wheel for optical support.
If a gear is active it appears
as güne number.
If one uses "W" to accelerate
displays an "M".

If you use the mouse to accelerate is the percentage power in the middle of the steering wheel.
By simultaneously pressing "Shift" the camera can be rotated and
with "Ctrl" the mouse can be moved without the values to change.

In the menu (a mod I will provide soon available)
Can you customize the size of the steering wheel and the Scriptures, and in addition set the sensitivity of the mouse.
(The sensitivity betrift only this mod and has no impact on the rest of the game.)

Mouse Steering has reached the release status after a long test time.
The file must be moved only in the modfolder,
the mod installs itself in all vehicles.



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