New Holland 240 Speedrower v1.0


This is my version of the John Deere 4995 what I did what reskinned it and put new tires on it. I tried to make this mod look somewhat like a New Holland 240 swather Speedrower even though It Is not the most perfect comparision it still looks and performs great! So I did reskize Both Crop and Mower Heads for this swather!

-Animated Vehicle
-Hirable but does not really work so not hireable: P

Fruit-particle system
Wheels Are From:
Base Mod:

So Yes You May Upload This Mod To Other Sites Just Be Sure To Do the credits!
~ Bobcat70 aka Fsfarmer11


Model/Scripts/In-game - SAR-michael
Testing - JDB14
Fixes in errors/Add lights - farmerboy69
Wheels - EuroDZN
Reskin/Wheel Placement - Fsfarmer11

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Commented on 2014-08-05 15:44:25

So does the head that's on the swather in the main picture work with grass now? Or is it still just for crops?

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