Pack Macdon M150 windrower 3


adaptation of LS09 to LS13 Macdon windrower dual direction. For now the main problem is you have to save the game with the off mode transport model.The pack includes M150, MT8 trailer, D60 cutter, CA 20 adapter harvesting


Dual direction by Tobias F. (John Deere 6930) in ClaasXerion5000TracVC_TTM_V3

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Commented on 2014-06-03 10:45:58

Hmmm ... it works a little bit better than the John Deere version but that's not saying much!

Has spawning problem ... crashes game ... wheels in i3D file are positioned correctly but in-game they are not!

Movement is jerky as hell ... I actually fixed the motor code to where it was silky smooth ... till I found out it has other problems which was disappointing and a complete waste of time.

At 22m ... the Krone BigM 500 that expands is clearly the best mower this

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