Strage Shed w Silo


This is a storage building to be placed in GE. It is not a placeable. The roof has been replaced with a new roof and the rafters have a new finish on them. New doors have been installed on the shed. Sadly the walls have not been repainted. But the building is still solid and ready for service. The doors are operational with a functional silo (which is now setup to store chaff). The silo can be used seperately on the map. You can change the triggers to accept other fruits. This was made with the latest edition of GE so you may need the latest patch. There are 2 additional photos to help installing the door triggers in your map plus the lua file and extra source text. If used in a released map please mention in credits. I hope you enjoy using this building.


Model JohnDeere1952
Textures CG Textures

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