Zetor 7340 v2 + frontlader


- Mod plowing
- Opening the door, rear window, sunroof waived
- PowerShaft
- Full lighting
- The dust from the wheels on the
- Dynamic animations exhaust
- Twins on the back.
- Manual firing
- Es limiter and counter moto hours
- The weight on the front (num5) and weights on the wheel (5)
- Fenders on the (num6)
- Purchased separately Tur Hydramet
- Attach to turn on the
- Shema and the ability to switch between machines and tractor
- Scales 1:1
- Fixed many errors in the log
- A new driving physics, new balancing, new tires
- Removed a lot of unnecessary scripts and wheels sprays which only burdened the game.

Power - 62.5 hp
Price - $ 35000
Daily maintenance cost - $ 145

The prohibition to change the DL link!
Works only on Pathu 2.0!


Author: Agromet, Fumski
Edit: Pavson69
LS13/Edit: Monster
Edit texture: Jeansowaty

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