Bergmann TSW 4190 S v2.0


A Bergmann TSW 4190 S
He was probably converted from LS13 and further improved by again.
He has already been offered in a version here at Modhoster to download, uploader was Penni1000 but unfortunately he does not respond to PN.
I have now decided it yet here upload me, since he comes from Giants and I'll call all my known Mitmodder in the credits.

The spreader has the following features:
gloss effects
14000l filling volume

have been added -new through me now:
LS15 Wheels
Variable Fruit Plane ala LS15


Modell: GIANTS Software
Textur: GIANTS Software
Script: GIANTS Software

Folgende Namen standen in Moddesc als Autoren : GIANTS Software, my-modding
1st Uploader: Penni1000
2nd Uploader: FriendlyX

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