Black Region RASPAKOVAT v1.3.0.0


- Crops: Wheat, barley, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, beets, potatoes, wheat, barley, corn flour, bran, bread, milk, baked goods (There are also separate textures for seeds and fertilizers, which are displayed in the back); - Animals: Cows, Sheep; - Implemented heaps for crops, each heap of one culture is stored separately in the warehouse. And yes they hold 250k-300k. (p.s seed warehouse is located next to the mill). - 26 fields, 2 forests, 6 pastures for mowing grass; - 3 points of sale; and also in shops you can sell products from the factory; - Sale of milk by hand (there is a barrel in the pack with mods) - Wool is sold for Vegetable. Base. simply did not think of where to make a point of sale of wool; - Bakery, Mills, Sand Quarry; - Traffic of cars and pedestrians; - 4 bases for scattering equipment; - The map is optimized; - 1 town, 3 villages; - Sawmill; - Seedling shop; - Opening gates. - BGA - On bga you can sell grass, straw, and like this for sale (there are heaps and you will see them) - Sale of bales


Anton_Zasim71 RU

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