Czech map v2.0


We are located on the map * Czech * Where are you waiting for extensive landscape together with 28 field together with meadows, not only that you care about their field, but also animals, there is a forest where you can also cut down trees. Thus, everyone will be satisfied.
Not only that, the increased area maps also added a new purchase and it called. Train where you can see the old train ride (Šukafon)
There is also more difficult terrain and narrow muddy paths but also muddy field.
The map added a lot of sounds in terms of how to farm something you hear all the time how flows mock or reversing some ground. vehicle and the village is a beautiful village hear music. You’ll find it here


Coufy, LS 15 simka

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Commented on 2014-11-01 17:01:05

Full of ERROR'S, Junk map

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