First Day Reviews - 3 Bundle Logging Maps V1.0


Im uploading these as per the hundreds of requests, these are the same maps used in my videos showing off my FDR machines.
Please note that these maps have been stripped of many of the farming features and are intended for (FORESTRY ONLY)
These have not been tested with anyone else so errors may occur, please keep this in mind.
The Summer and winter maps are remakes of the main Giants maps and both pretty close to the same, different textures and different trees.
The other small map is a rebuild of an older random map that someone else originally crafted
Again Im simply releasing them "AS IS" because I have daily requests for them I haven't had any issues with them but that doesn't mean others won't. 


First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

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Commented on 2015-06-21 10:18:45

I just trayed the mods and very work is good

Many timber to cut and fun elevations

who do i get same machines as in you video?

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Commented on 2015-07-19 21:55:30

I would really like to try one of your forest maps, I download your 3 map bundle but was incomplete. I did get to see some of the map i want to play, it's the one you also have a winter version of it. But every time I try and get the maps it never complete. any way I could just get a copy of that map some how. I even have dropbox with the email above please?

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