Gorzkowa v2


Map has been turned over upside down and built completely from scratch.
There's a bigger farm with fudges in the Small Polish Town.
We've tried to add as much detailing in this map so that the insert but also well attended.
There has been a lot of detailing to play on our MAPC caused you even more fun.
Download it and see, is definitely worthwhile.

Small Info:
- Time to ferment plant has been extended
- Can Feed the Cows and Chickens Water
- Old BGA which was not in V1 was built.
- Distillery and I think to sell.
- Manure can be found in the barn and out, also you can find small shelters where you can store everything you do not need on a farm
- Dear simple mud Glade, etc. for the village.
- After the robot you could go something nice to look at \ "find himself \"
- End The maps were made a little nicer than how it was in V1
- Almost all the doors can be opened at the Farm L button
- Doors of collision

NOTE !! You should also download the files to the map !!
Team TLS.

It seems as far as BETA, I checked it in the game, it has no errors in the log. With the rest you will see how to get married. .

The prohibition of changing the link, we will respect my work and download the original links. The more downloads, the more maps
Prohibition edit, write and what not so improved.


Author: Tommi-1 & Bens / Tls Modding
Konwert: FS15 mati4895

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Commented on 2016-04-02 00:31:49

i wish you can make it a rar file because zip files don't work for me i loved this map since FS 2013 game

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