HT13E FL without WSB PACK v1.0


Here is my Hoftraktor HT13E-FL LS15 by TSL with water barrel ... withoutWSB PACK!
1x !!! ... unpacking ... !!!
Content: version clean (clean) version & dirt (Dauerdirt!)
Since my default Dirt LS15 not like there so as to pack.
Who does not want to, just do not load. Thank you!
* Frontladerattacher: front loader (standard LS15 hangs up), front loader (standard LS13 depends deeper)
* Heckattacher normal / low
* Be
* Work light front
* Capa: 3500
* Cover
* Fruits:
wheat barley grass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow
potato sugarbeet silage forage forage_mixing manure
(So it can do what is necessary for stables)
* Animated mower
* PICUP switched off, so swathing possible
* Animated
* Attach water barrel to the front (for animals and greenhouses suitable)
* Capa: 2000
* Fruits: water
* ... And other little things

Log: clean
Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife


*Modell: Hewaaa
*InGame/Script/Edit: TSL

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