KA88 Map v1.0


As with the predecessor me disturb the wide lanes from the farm to pasture and back. In this map, I have everything on the main courtyard. The farm has storage facilities for Maschienen. This is Aben when it is dark can see what were lamps on the yard installed. The feed store was built across from the cowshed. The barn was equipped with Tortrigger. All in all a great deal on a small area.

What was v1.0 Changes:
- Moved all animal pastures to the main courtyard
Old farm buildings demolished and new ones -
Kuhstalltore provided with trigger -
Offset Haupthofsilo -
- Kuhsilo offset
Established feed store -
- Potato and beet stock from scratch
Created storage facilities for Maschienen and equipment -
- Hofumgebungsfelder edited slightly
Edited paths -

Processing of KA88
Question and answers below: https://www.facebook.com/pages/all4ls/212916002054521


by Ka88

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