Kroeger Trailer Pack HDR Dyeable v1.3


V1.3 clean log, 16.9mb zip for all 4.
4 Kroeger trailers, HKD302 25000 capacity and white load cover, TAW30 45000 capacity, TAW30 Convoy 45000 Capacity and a TAW30 60000 capacity all have HDR dyeable body textures, multiplayer and washable. HKD is 8000 to buy with 8 daily cost's, TAW's are 25000 to buy with 25 daily cost's.
 Fill types are:
wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow forage barley_windrow wheat_windrow manure compost_soil.


Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

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Commented on 2015-05-28 12:33:11

hi Stevie,I am playing your great map ringwoods 1.7.1 but can not load compost with this trailer when I drive under the loadspot at the compost plant? hope you have a solution for me.
thanks for all your great mods,keep up the good Work
kind regards ray-denmark

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Commented on 2015-05-31 17:06:54

Hi Stevie,

Would you consider adding Beet Pulp to these very nice tippers of yours? Thank you!

Jerry T.

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Commented on 2015-05-31 17:09:05

Hi Raylar,

These tippers work beautifully with Ringwoods and the Compost. Make sure you are loading compost from the load spot on the far side of the compost plane. Please take a look at the 4th photo in my blog post about compost operations. This is from Stevie's Ringwoods version 1.8


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Commented on 2015-06-03 22:28:49

hi Jerry
I think I have discovered my problem,I have too many filltypes in the modfolder,and now after moving some mods out of the way,everything is okay Again,thanks for trying to help,have a nice day

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Commented on 2015-07-20 17:00:37

very good mod thanx.

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