LF16 TS v1.0.0


Hey guys,
As promised in the video there is the LF16 TS [1998], now available for download on Modhoster. I am also pleased about your criticism!
This vehicle has not any indicator, since it is still in beta version is located! However, the vehicle should still get the Christmas indicators, a second siren, trailer hitch and a trailer, also a co-script!

+ Lance [B]
+ Blue light [Pos1]
+ Martin Horn [H]

Warning, this vehicle requires the latest LS-Patch [1.4.1] because otherwise some parts spiders! We must rebuild the car for private purposes, but not ask for download, as this can cause problems otherwise!

I wish you much fun with this mod MFG. Feuerwehr112-Modding112 ~ WindCraft3rHD



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Commented on 2015-12-14 14:53:41

bonjour le mod est pas mal le seul default est que si on sauvegarde l engin se bloc en certains points il faut le manoeuvrer pours en servir pouvez vous remedier au probleme merci

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