Mercedes 2014 v1.1 final


Hello friends.
I present a truck, Mercedes, manufactured in 2014th
It traction on all three axes. For this reason not accelerate quickly.
The maximum speed 90km / h.
It has 500 horsepower But do not forget That it's beta, so It could be possible to lift or reduce power to be as real. Control panel illuminates.
It is impossible to be overturned truck. The center of gravity is the 0th
The price of the truck is € 75,000.
Maintenance € 15 per day.
I hope recepción constructive comments.
I'd love to my suggestions intake.
I hope to keep downloading original, considering the factthat it worked a little.
Change permitted only for personal use.
Compatible with patch 1.3 beta.
A greeting.


SCS :truck model
Ingame and rework ; Pisty

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