New Holland BB 340 BETA v1.0


Today we present you with the Beta release of the New Holland BB340.

- workArea
- attachable
- turnOnVehicle
- animatedVehicle
- cylindered
- foldable
- fillable
- pickup
- baler
- powerConsumer
- washable
- mountable
- PlayStandAnim
- KronePickupParticleSystems

This Baler accepts the following:
- Wheat Windrow
- Barley Windrow
- DryGrass Windrow
- Grass Windrow

Other features include:
- Opening front panel
- Animated feed rolls
- Animated Flywheel
- Chains on Pickup Head
- Opening side panels
- Fold/Unfold Back Door
- Visible Twine (Not yet functional)
- Trellerborg Tires
- Washable
- Dirt Texture
- Particle Systems
- Ground Particles
- Tire Tracks
- Schema Overlay
- And more to come!

Other information:
Price: $178,429 USD
Daily UpKeep: $100 USD
Required Power: 150 HP
File Size: 13.7 MB

There is only one log error with this mod which is the "" We attempted to fix it but with the time frame we had it wouldn't work. This will be fixed in a later version.
Please be aware that this mod is a BETA which means that the functions of this mod may not all work and MIGHT cause conflicting of mods. 9560R Modding takes no responsibility so computer, savegame, or Game damages. Thank you!!
Please DO NOT upload anywhere else! We will take care of that!
Modification and re-upload of this mod is strictly prohibited.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to report a problem with the mod, please let it be known in the comments section of this post. We recommend doing this so the rest of the community can view possible problems with the mod. Thank you.
We hope you enjoy the mod!


GIANTS, JunkYard (9560R Modding)

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