The map was created on real terrain, but due to the limited size, it was significantly reworked, and also simplified for the sake of performance. - Map size 2048 x 2048; - 50 fields of various sizes; - Standard animals and cultures; - Many points of sale; - Pedestrian and car traffic; - Support for the "Seasons" mod; - For the production to operate, the presence of a "Global Company" is required. Changes v1.0.7.5: - Almost completely redone (over 90%); - The number of fields has been increased to 50; - Fixed critical bugs, for example: a bug with tree planting; - Added alfalfa, ammonia, straw from corn and soybeans; - Added a sand pit; - One reseller of animals is divided into 3; - Replaced all houses, re-textured a lot of objects; - Increased detail, with all the consequences; - Added production (RybHoz, biofuel production, sawmill, bakery, flour production, feed production), the GlobalCompany mod is required to work; - Added an etchant; - Added several stacks (hay, straw, alfalfa hay) and equipment for working with them (drag, forks for transportation), the GlobalCompany mod is required to work; - Borrowed a barrel for transporting fish from the "Dawn" card; - Own soil map; - Various fixes and improvements. Unpack the archive! The archive includes: - Map; - Additional climate for the "Seasons" mod. Known problems: For some reason, biogas is not loaded, you need to buy it yourself (the site is allocated for this).



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