Eastern Map v1.1.0.0


Welcome to Eastern! This is a map with mapped terrain 1 to 1 from Central Europe. Changelog:
- 5 new painted cubes have been added
- Various bug fixes
- Hen's teleport has been improved
- Fixed grass between fields
- Optimization improved
- Improved terrain
- Improved the layout of buildings
- Fixed gates
- Object collision fixed

The map has an amazing and unique atmosphere of small and medium-sized farms with the possibility of expansion.
The map is 4x larger than the basic maps we know from FS19.

The map includes:
- Full compatibility with SEASONS mod
- Full compatibility with MAIZE PLUS
- Multiterrain (360)
- Precision Farming support
- 11 playable farms (Multiplayer ready)
- 329 fields (including meadows)
- New crops: clover, alfalfa, rye, triticale, cabbage, carrots, seed grass, grain grass, pasture grass)
- Animated doors and lamps
- New sounds on the map
- New textures: crops, fields and land
- Modified traffic
- Gas stations at local farmers
- Biogas plant
- Sawmill
- Two grain sellpoint
- Purchase of beets, potatoes, carrots and cabbage
- Purchase of straw, eggs, milk
- Free water and lime point
- Machines to start
- large and small forests

I hope you enjoy the map and like it! ;)

Required Mods:
- Husbandry Limit Increase (By: modelleicher (LS-Modcompany))
- Seasons (By: Realismus Modding)
- MaizePlus (By: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher)
- Precision Farming DLC (By: GIANTS Software)



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Commented on 2021-07-21 18:34:31

B.O.B. Flyover - Eastern Map - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtApMLUkVzs

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