I present to you my first Farming Simulator map.
With the Polish Climate for small, medium and large machines
Hope you liked the map

Welcome to the Mountain Fields! This is a Polish map for Farming Simulator 19
- Compatible with the Season of the Year.
- Compatible with Precision Farming
- Fourteen additional new crops rye, spelled, triticale, millet, clover, alfalfa, lettuce, cabbage, red-cabbage, tobacco, hops, onion, carrot, poppy
- Has six spaces for its own construction, including one built for Start
- Clean Log
- 200 fields with meadows, size from 0.2 ha to 11 ha
- Biogas plant
- Sawmill
- Soil 360
- Forests
- Pda readable
- Own lighting
- Liming Station
- Street traffic and pedestrians
- New Vehicles in Traffic
- The road traffic is accelerated to 50 km / h
- Purchase of manure and liquid manure
- Missions in the fields
- Machines for additional machines with a map
- Animated doors and lights
- New painted ground textures, including painted bushes, decoFoliage vegetation
- New textures, crops and land
- Removed Cotton from Map
- Sixteen outlets
- Polish climate
And much more….
Have a nice game. Best regards, KrzychuTheGamer

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Commented on 2021-04-19 17:33:18

ı can not open this map , it has problem about seasson

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