GRONINGEN Map v1.0.2


Changelog V1.0.0.2:
1. Barbed wire removed at the entrance to the fence.
Season 2 added and is now ready.
3. At the entrance of the start farm. 1 garden light removed, and first a bunch of collision was removed.
4. added a bridge to Land 4.
5. Grass boundaries number of fields in.
6. XML adapted. For multiplayer mode. You now need to create 7 farms in the game.
7. A sales point has now been set up in the machine shop. To sell your vehicles.
8. Hayloft has changed. You can now also sell cardboard bales there. You can sell sheep's wool in the shop (Jumbo).
9. Sounds are adjusted.
10. New biogas plant added to the farm.
11. Eggs can be sold in the (jumbo)


Here I present my card.
I worked on the map for six months.
A new version of the map with seasons is coming.
I still have a problem with the snow.
In the video I show what is available.
I wish everyone a lot of fun with the card


Map by MikeFS
Testteam van FS Nederlandse Gemeenschap.
0maxi0 door LS-Modcompany - Hall.
Boer Andy, Madabub, Katsuo, 20 mm Normandië, Maaslandmods, BeunHaes (JD7530-Chris, inter fa.
PCS / Sprinter & CREE7EN - Script.
TopAce888, Moos Agrar, Kamilos0397, NicoPixs ', SimulatorGAMES, moechtegernbauer,
Ik wil alle modders Bedankt voor de inzet en inzet.
Ik ben je naam vergeten in de aftiteling. Neem alstublieft contact met mij op.

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