Hogsback South Africa v.001


Hogsback is a small tiny village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The area is known for tourism and forestry. Enjoy this beautiful scenic map, with 12 x multifruit (additional fruits above the base game fruits), 5 sell-points, massive farm storage, average startup fleet, beautiful Farmhouse, 32 x aditional field angles, nice forest and a hole lot of extras :)

Thanks fro downloading, i hope you enjoy this map. It was my pleasure in making it.

Farmer B0B


Thanks to giants for the editor

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Commented on 2021-11-19 08:38:57

Hi there guys,

Hope you enjoy the map ;)

Contact me via email on my website if you need feedback or if you have info. Check out my maps under downloads in my site, there are now 11 to choose from..

Take care


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Commented on 2021-12-01 17:16:41

Bonjour je rencontre un bug sur les silos ensilage a la ferme et bga on ne peut les remplir sinon le reste fonctionne tres belle carte dommage de se bug merci

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