The Great Plateaus v1.0.0.0


Welcome to the great plateau's. A small farming community in a mountainous region with a primary focus on grapes, olives, and forestry.
There are 73 fields varying in size and shape. 12 fields have already been planted with grapes and olives. There is also a storage shed and silo to set up
a nice vineyard farm. There are 5 main sellpoints as well as bale and wool selling stations. The BGA must be purchased to use. The main farm has cows and
chickens. There is also a horse farm below the castle. This is a great place to enjoy the majestic views while tending to your fields.
- Seasons-ready
- Precision Farming DLC supported

Required Mods:
- Braud 9000L (By: BlackEyesModding)
- DRL140N (By: BlackEyesModding)
- Grape Planter (By: BlackEyesModding)



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B.O.B. Flyover - The Great Plateaus - Farming Simulator 19 -

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