The Great Plateaus v1.1.0.0


Welcome to the great plateau's. A small farming community in a mountainous region with a primary focus on grapes, olives, and forestry.
There are 73 fields varying in size and shape. 12 fields have already been planted with grapes and olives. There is also a storage shed and silo to set up
a nice vineyard farm. There are 5 main sellpoints as well as bale and wool selling stations. The BGA must be purchased to use. The main farm has cows and
chickens. There is also a horse farm below the castle that must also be purchased to use. This is a great place to enjoy the majestic views while tending to your fields.
- Seasons-ready
- Precision Farming DLC supported
Changelog Version
Fixed issue with farm silo not holding all fruits
Fixed growing issue of grapes and olives with seasons
Adjusted southern map boundary
Added custom nitrogen levels to grapes and olives
Added custom soil map
Added corn textures
Added 3 more gas stations
Replaced shed at horse farm with a usable one
Few minor bug fixes

Required Mods:
- Braud 9000L (By: BlackEyesModding)
- DRL140N (By: BlackEyesModding)
- Grape Planter (By: BlackEyesModding)



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