Additional Cams v1.0.0.1


A small script that adds additional cameras to all LS22 standard vehicles, which allow a better all-round view of the vehicle and/or trailer.

- Bug fixes for BigBags & Talbach

This script adds additional cameras to many standard LS22 vehicles and all prepared mod vehicles, which can be displayed in a second, smaller HUD.
The cameras can be changed via the HUD or alternatively via key assignments. It is also possible to activate an automatic mode in which the cameras are automatically changed depending on, for example, the reverse gear or the pipe on threshers, etc.
A total of up to 8 cameras per vehicle or per trailer are possible. (Tractor, thresher with cutters and attachments)


- [LSFM] RepiGaming - Script approvals
- Ifko[nator] - Help with converting to FS22 and troubleshooting
- LSFM Team - Testing

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