Buildable Concrete Box Girder Bridge v1.0.0.0


This is a buildable concrete box girder bridge for Farming Simulator 22.  It is two files, the bridge span and bridge sections are in one zip file, with the piers, abutment, pier foundation, and a generator in the other.

The Buildable Concrete Box Girder Bridge contains:
- Buyable Sections in groups of 12 to make a full 36m span
- Straight
- 360m Radius Curve
- 230m Radius Curve
- 155m Radius Curve
- 90m Radius Curve
- 80m Radius Curve
- 60m Radius Curve
- 50m Radius Curve
- 45m Radius Curve
- 33m Radius Curve
- 30m Radius Curve
- 23m Radius Curve
- 20m Radius Curve
- 15m Radius Curve
- 14m Radius Curve
- Each section contains IC nodes to add road lines and K rail
- Selectable concrete and shackle color in store
- Full 36m Span
- Configurable in store for Straight or any of the curves above
- IC nodes to add road lines, K rail and select twist to match superelevation of piers
- Selectable concrete and shackle color in store

The Buildable Bridge Concrete Piers contains:
- Concrete Pier
- Bought as concrete former
- Concrete, concrete former, and shackles color selectable in store
- Height adjustable when lifted by a crane (cutter attacher type)
- IC nodes for pitch and roll of top, to show ghost height and pier for next pier placement

- Pier Foundation
- In Placeables -> Decoration -> Other
- place with free mode enabled (F1 menu, default key "V")
- Place in water ways to keep Pier from being reset upon loading back into the game

- Abutment
- Used to transition from road to bridge or bridge to road
- Selectable concrete and shackle color in store
- Configurable in store for transport or placement (used on site to add ramp)
- IC nodes for pitch, unhiding wall, and Ghost pier
- Wall and wings adjustable when attached to crane

- Generator
- Used to attach to next pier to help attach bridge span
- Color selectable in store


Jeremy Brown Modeling and Simulation

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