Courseplay for FS22 v7.0.0.19


Push Release
Field scanner fix for sharp corners #502
Small Plow fix
Island bypass and row angle added #45 and #139
Pathfinder turn fix #461
Wait for straw swath before starting turn #437
More Interface functions for AD (not relevant for Users)
Mini GUI can now be closed with keybind #501
debug menu colors changed #281
Coursegenerator can now be closed with esc as well
Headland turn fix #520

Push Release
Some changes in the Job starting and stopping
Show course start/end on plot #191
Synchronize the cp job parameter between the in game menu and the mini gui
Turn fix and improvement for #461
Added Interface function for AutoDrive
Added the Bale wrapper *1
Added Bale Loaders *2
Error popup on course generator error #472
Added a field margin setting to generator screen *3
Articulated vehicle reversing fix #230 #329 #424
Also fixes unfold for Ropa Harvester
More turn fixes and improovements
Attached harvester fix #370
Smal translation changes

Due to the confusion about our 'mini HUD', changed the actual display keybind to a proper name. At this point a huge thank you to our translators for doing such a great job.

With the 'start at' option set to 'bale collect/wrap', and with a bale wrapper, CP will find all bales on the field and
wrap them.

For now, they just stop when full.

This generate a new field boundary (smaller or bigger than the original) before starting the actual course generation.
This way, you can overlap the field border or get more distance to avoid obstacles that are to close to the field border.



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