Courseplay for FS22 v7.4.1.3


Push Release
Towed dewulff harvester, that constantly need an unloader, are now calling an unloader. (last improvement for #2972 )
Hawe SUW 5000 is now working correctly as an overloader wagon. #3198
Bale collecting use the same return to target before hand over to AD like combine unloader. #3247
Pathfinder improvements and fixes for #3242
Fix for #3265
Fix for #3273
Shovel position is slightly tilted down and finer hight adjustment (0.05 steps). This should help with some silage silos are not getting empty.

Known Issue:
Job selecting is still bugged in MP ( #3233 ) and will get a new Release as soon as we have a fix for it.
We just don't want you to wait longer for the other fixes so we push this one for now.

Push Release
Added vehicle config option to override default distance from turn end where tight turn offset is applied in 180 turns. Helps with #3173
Added a vehicle configuration for combines with a pipe or conveyer that folds up from below.
Combine self unload speed for approaching to the trailer is now set to a maximum of 10km/h or lower depending on the field speed.
Different code improvements.
Reset to default map zoom on save start. #2962
Some adjustments to bale collector/wrapper mode.
fix for #3181
Combine unloader, no collision check for the trailer for the first few meters. (fixes situations, where the unloader drive in reverse for no reason.)
Waypoints no more cast a shadow, this might increase performance a bit, when have waypoints active.
Some pathfinder refactoring.
HUD reworked for a future project.
HUD help menu reworked. Translations have to be remade, sorry to our translators, but we had to do that step. The help menu looks better now though and is more structured for the HUD.

Push Release
Sugar beet auger wagons should work better now and added a small speed while unloading for better distribution (not yet perfect) #3098
Unloader waits until all combines are done with the work on the same field. #3072
Added line preview when drawing a custom field on the map and can hold left shift to draw straight lines. #1871

Push Release
GUI Improvements
Added unloader support for Dewulf zkivse.
Added chopper unloader support known from FS19 back in. (The pre call for the 2nd Unloader is not added, maybe at a later Version)
General unloader improvements, for example the unloader and combine will drive the full row and not stop close to the end of the row.
Added call unloader at % setting for combine, adjustable from 60% to 90% with 5% incremental steps by @MatteoDelfavero

Push Release
Code improvements
Improving how root vegetable harvesters are recognized by @tn4799
Fix silo driver park position.
Fix for #3012
Fix for #3034
Fix for #2828
Fix for #3038
Added food mixer wagon, fertilizer/lime/manure sprayer and Göweil LT Master as valid target for shovel mode.
3-point attached tools and the Göweil will be targeted from behind to fill up.

Push ModHub Update
ModHub Update Version
fix for #2940
fix for #2933
fix: combine self unload pathfinder failure

Push Release
Some shovel position fixes and added missing high dump shovels to vehicle config.
fix for #2865
fix for #2889
Added fruit type check for mission and season. #2885 #2891
Increased silo area to avoid hitting the walls.
Translations fixes (our script failed so we had to redo some translations).
Unloading combine improvements. #2884
Separated the offset and renamed it to be more clear what it does.
Can now use a truck + trailer to unload.
We will not add a 2 trailer support to our combine unloading, because it would be impossible to do reverse driving, wich is highly important for our combine unload mode. What does work now is a truck with a fixed or attachable loading area alone or with an additional trailer.

Push Release
Changed description for combine unload on 1st headland to be more clear, also set the default setting to false.
fix for #2592
fix for reversing turn.
Pipe won't open for a CP combine unloader that is in idle state.
Removed Giants collision that prevented our unloader to react to our combine.
fix for #2812
fix for #2801
fuel info now is shown when AI driver is stopped because of low fuel for all setting states by @tn4799
fix for the info messages not always clearing correctly on MP
Adjusted silo end detection with shovel loading. #2783
Added columns to silo map, for selection of the optimal silo part to load.
Fixes bug for bunker silo driver, where driving to park position failed. #2783
Added leveler height offset to the ground setting.

Removes old distance check from shovel driver unloading into trailer, that prevented the new area to function correctly.

Push Release
increse skip row for vine generator to 4 #2787 (but the Oxbo harvester is broken...)
fix for #2788
Added manure trailer unload target support for shovel mode.
Added marker to select trailer unload space for shovel mode.

Push Release
fix for #2768
fix for #2777
fix for #2761 and other plow improvements.
Improvement for reverse driving with offset tools (e.g. plows or potato harvester)
Plows default noReverse configuration was removed, User who want them to not drive in reverse turn off "turn on field" or can also turn on "use pathfinder in turns".
Added shovel mode back in. #2254
Please check the in-game help menu for how to set up the new mode.
We can't support all kinds of shovel vehicles (like bobcats) as they were built inconsistently (like the tool arms are sometimes flipped, and so on).
If it turns out to be a lot of non-working shovel vehicles, we'll consider implementing some kind of Tool Position Saver (like our separate mod) or find some another solution, until then, we would prefer keeping the automatic control.
We were not able to test all different kinds of combinations. If you have a vehicle that does weird things, pls post a screenshot (with debug on) in our Issue: #2783.


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