Dodge Ramcharger 1979 v1.0.0.0


- UDIM, wear and dirt textures

- Animated front and rear suspension

- Choice of body color

- Choice of rim color

- Choice of design (interior) color

- Working instrument panel with indicators for traveling speed, RPM, fuel, engine temperature, oil pressure and alternator charging

- Realistic looking lights

- License plates

- Back door can be opened with "X" key (unfolding the car) with animation sound

- The hardtop can be removed with "N" button ("cover" function)

- Enter animation - when entering or leaving the car, the driver door is opening and closing

- Working wipers with sound

- Automatic gearbox

- Animated pedals, gear lever and turn signal lever

- Front mount for a snow plow. You just need to approach the snow plow and attach it, then the front mount will appear. After detaching the snow plow the mount will disappear.




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