Easy Development Controls v1.2.0.0


Easy Development Controls is designed as a testing tool for modders, mappers and content creators. It can also assist with gameplay setups or however you wish to play the game.

- Vehicle Page: 'Set Fill Level' feature will now remember last settings until vehicle is exited or changed.
- Vehicle Page: 'Remove Vehicles' feature will no longer remove pallets.
- Objects Page: 'Remove Pallets' feature will now include mod pallets using custom vehicle types. Note: Vehicle types must still include a valid pallet specialisation (Pallet, BigBag or TreeSaplingPallet) and exclude 'Wheels' and 'Enterable' specialisations.
- Feature titles will now resize to allow for longer languages.
- Changes to some text formatting.
- Turkish (tr) translations added.
- Norwegian (no) translations added.

- Fixed a bug when loading a save game with 'Easy Development Controls' active was not possible if time was stopped when saving.
- Fixed a bug that stopped 'Production States' from being changed via the 'Placeables' screen after using the 'Reload' feature.
- Corrected 'foot' measurement being incorrectly displayed when value was > 1 for log lengths (Fahrenheit game setting users only).
- Removed Cotton pallet from spawn list due to incompatibility.
- Show Bale Locations is now compatible with balers and bale loaders using base game specialisations
- Small bug fixes and improvements.
- Added 'defaultUserSettings.xml', default user settings will be loaded from this file in multiplayer and when starting a new single player game.
XML file will be created on load at: '/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/modSettings/FS22_EasyDevControls'.
- Czech (cz) translations added.
- French (fr) translations added.
- Russian (ru) translations added.
- Polish / Polski (pl) translations added.
- Brazilian Portuguese (br) translations added.

It includes some features available already through the game console commands but now easily accessible and also the addition of many new features.

Most features support use in Multiplayer and permission levels of some commands can also be adjusted. This now also includes existing console commands that previously only worked for the host.

Some quality of life features have also been added as follows.

- Teleport: Quickly move yourself or vehicles around the map by selecting a location on the map, by field number or x/z coordinates.
- Flip Vehicles: Allows a user to easily correct upright rotation of a vehicle.
- Super Strength: Increases a players carrying capacity and pickup range.
- Hud Visibility: Shows and hides the whole hud, you can also activate a key binding for faster access.
- Show Bale Locations: This will display all farm owned bales on the map.
- Show Pallet Locations: This will display all farm owned pallets on the map.
- Advance Growth: Advances all crops to the next growth stage.

With the extended number of features plus many new features planned, Easy Development Controls has something for everyone.

For further information please read the README on the Github repository.



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Commented on 2022-06-23 15:02:30

Translated into 15 languages but ... not in Italian. I don't know who the real modder is but it is evident that he is angry with our country and the Italians .... there is no other explanation

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