Empty Pallets Production v1.1.0.0


- production Revamped: now you can use either boards (base game) either planks or wood beams (Platinum DLC); the DLC is no longher mandatory.
- fixed the pallets, thanks to [PolyCount]Taz; now have correct collision and weight, also is a fix for the conflict with the buyable ones, because the game got confused and produced infinite pallets. Updates coming to all the productions that have buyable pallets; will update the pack too, but later, because I am adding new things to it.

Made a small Empty Pallets Production needed for my factories, to replace the need for a new sawmill (my Sawmill Platinum Mod produces empty pallets, but on some maps there are enough sawmills).
It is a small container to add near your sawmill (like the Old Sawmill on Silverrun Forest) or anywhere you like.
It produces empty pallets from wood beams and boards.



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