FS22 AutoDrive v2.0.0.6


Bugfixes and improvements:
Hhelper does not delete itself #441
ateering axles (e.g. on loader wagons) are not locked when reversing #435
AutoLoad caused several problems #437, #451, #453 & #539
as of FS22_aPalletAutoLoader "unloading behind" is supported
waiting time also when loading pallets via AutoLoad at loading point #431
error TensionBelts.lua #477
unloader gets stuck during harvester unloading
unloader follows harvester without unloading #391
"Fold implements" folds harvester even if it is not empty #506
fill level detection on seed drills with fertilizer function when seed or fertilizer is empty
fill type detection reworked (display and selection depending on fill types of vehicles, trailers, etc.) #233
when re-/loading a supported fill type it happened that a wrong fill animation was started
loader wagon can not be filled at purchase silo #429
instead of herbicide, fertilizer was loaded at multi-crop purchase stations and vice versa #490
notifications always show the vehicle name, also in the message history
unloading in drive-through silo optimized
error Specialization.lua:1566 #442
debug marker 4_ shows "dead" ends even if there are target points (blue line) #259
automatic refueling only where manual refueling is possible (no AIO silos) #485
When refueling, all supported fuels should be filled up, f.e. DEF
characters ",;" in folder names are converted to "_" #516
new trailer variants "semitrailerCar" can not drive backwards #510
added translations for color selection, list in FS22 blue
vehicle flashes when reversing (warning lights, can be set in options) #236

Not fixed or currently not solvable:
[Dedi-Server] problems with vanilla ball cart #538

menu controllable with controller and keyboard #292
debug marker 9_ shows possible errors, but may actually be none
CP can hand over the stone collector to AD (pickup&delivery) #421
separation of map and user settings (different files in the savegame folder) #524
improvement collision boxes (new vehicle measurement) #536

In FS22, vehicles are mostly defined larger (in XML) than they actually are.
With AD, this leads to vehicles on roads with a small (lateral) distance being recognized as a collision even though there would still be sufficient space between them.
To avoid this, the collision to the front, rear, left and right is determined for all parts belonging to the vehicle.
For this purpose, all attachments of the complete combination are measured when entering a vehicle, starting AD or after being folded by AD (mixtures of unmeasured and measured vehicles are normal and not a fault).
Only vehicles, trailers and attachments that do not have parts with rotation around the vertical axis are measured.
For example, trailers with turntable have the movable bogie with rotation around the vertical axis and this can also stand "twisted".
If a measurement were to be made now, the external collision would be the turned bogie with drawbar, which is much "wider" compared to the trailer just being towed.
Here may now come the objection "But you can also measure when the trailer is at some point straight", save, load etc.. -> more complicated always goes...!
Currently, 20 cm of "safety clearance" is still added around the outside.

CP uses AD for refueling, repair and parking #351, #433, #494 & #519
AD drives refueling and repair if requested by CP, but settings of CP have priority.
Attention: harvesters are also sent for repair and refueling incl. the current attachments!
In the "Pickup / Delivery" mode with CP field work, the vehicle combination is unloaded at the end of work before parking, if "Park at end" is activated in AD.
AD is only activated in sensible modes, if wrong mode is selected -> notification.
Example: Driving is not useful for e.g. seed drills, but can be used for "ready message".



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