FS22 Dashboard 1.2


What's New v1.2

NEW: Added more FactSheets.

NEW: Updated category list and brand list up to patch 1.2.

NEW; In-game Mod Editor is back! You can now configure over 750 vehicles and implements. Code completely rewritten.

NEW: Completely rewrote code to display vehicle image in In-game Mod Editor.

NEW: Added def capacity configuration to In-game Mod Editor.

NEW: Added Sow and Harvest Sugarbeet to Tutorials.

NEW: Added Field Stones to Tutorials.

NEW: Auto Backup now displays last backup date.

FIXED: Some links in the program weren't linked to the new web page.

FIXED: Number 9 customizable button wasn't working correctly in Mod Folder Manager. Thanks Christoph!

All-in-One FS22 game enhancement software. Runs on any version of Windows. Play the game YOUR way.

More info: https://farmwrangler.com/blog/fs22-dashboard/

THIS IS NOT A MOD. It is a Windows application that enhances the gameplay in FS22. Do not put it in your mod folder. It has an installer that will install it to your hard drive.

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HighDesert Software Co.

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Commented on 2022-02-12 21:30:34

Is this anything like the Easy Development Controls Mod form FS19? Because that shit was so useful.

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Commented on 2022-02-13 01:46:48

This is not a mod, its software app for FS that has all kinds of built-in tools. It's awesome, my main use for the app is... It allows you to run each map separately with their own mods, this solves the issue of conflicts due to map bleed-over. I've used it ever since FS17, simply the best FS tool out there.

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