FS22 Filltypes for All v6.0


FilltypesTP for all maps allow any player have all filltypes in any map without need editing files from the map. The player only need put the FS22_FilltypesTP_for_all.zip inside the mod folder and activate. The filltypes are automatically added to terrafarm and the map.

This mod was creating by FS Miner, Nonnus and Echelon. Any modder can use this mod to create facilities/factories placeables but keep the credits.

We apreciate if you find problems report to us for we can solve.

New products added (Crushed Stone and Stones Chips).

My official site with my mods: https://fs-mce.eu/

My youtube channel: click_here

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Nonnus, FS Miner, Echelon

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