FS22 P.G.R. Osiek v2.2.2.0


Version V.2.2.0. is the same map x4 with small changes for the needs of the created farm. Added large former state farm with breeding of sheep, cows and piglets. The package contains two required modifications.

Changes: All displayed and reported errors (error) and warnings have been fixed, now we have a clean log.

The greenhouses were abolished, but the square was left empty, where each houses four large greenhouses. Some prefer with the extension other standard (water only)

Two large industrial chicken coops have been added to the map. One for 5,000 pcs. the second chicken for 1500 chickens. They are available in the store, we also make them ourselves.

On the map, we have a large former state-owned enterprise, which is unfortunately bankrupt, and you bought it.

The map is not yet published. There may still be changes.

The bailiff bankrupted the farm, sold part of the land, but there was much left over, unfortunately he also sold all the agricultural machinery.

After the purchase of the farm, you have some money left to rebuild the machinery.

Put the farm on the straight path to riches.

Go to your office in P.G.R. and look around, make your first purchases and start with the harvest, which is already done, time is pressing good luck.

For the start we receive:

- an old pickup truck from 1986 and a travel bag that offers you a change of clothes and a pillow to sleep on.

-Easy level 1.399.000 cash plus a large farm and farmland.

-Intermediate 4 million cash and an old pickup in 1986. That’s all.

-heavy level 2 million cash and an old pickup in 1986. That’s all.

Contains scripts:

-Animated Map Objects for the game version 1.5.0.

-More Trees, allows you to plant and put more trees

-Happy Horse, no more horses to ride

-Husbandry Limit Increaser, increases the number of stalls for animals on the map

-Collect Straw at Missions, allows you to collect straw on grain harvesting missions

-Place Anywhere, makes it easier to place objects from the game

-Refresh Contracts, updates the list of contracts

-Multiple missions, allows you to download several dozen missions (contracts) at the same time

Best regards and have fun watching and playing on the card.

Many thanks to all those who pointed out errors and required corrections.


The map maker of Yazu and all those who find something of their work on the map

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einer der Detail reichsten karten wunderschön gemacht mit viel liebe zum Detail.
fünf STERNE +++++

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