The map can have some problems because this is a convertion from FS19 map. So if you have some problems please report to me. You can use my discord channel for that: https://discord.com/invite/2ScJWXK

Attention on this:

- You can make farming on this map but you need create your own fields.

- The map have a sawmill to selling wood and woodchips and have many default factories.

- Remember this map have as main objective working on mining and public works. For complete experience you need play with the right mods (terrafarm, MCE ferry pack).

- This map dont have any pile for materials, so you can´t dig nothing without terrafarm. The map its only to play with terrafarm, if you dont have or dont like terrafarm this map is not for you. 

I recommend start a new save game for you can see all changes, but if you want continue a save game, you need put a code inside your placeables.xml. The file placeables.xml is inside your save folder from your current game with TCBO MCE.

1- open the placeables.xml 

2 - go to the last line and before </placeables> you put the code i post bellow. Do not delete any line or word, only copy and paste the code. If you have doubts go to my discord channel and i help you. 

<placeable modName="FS22_TCBO_MCE" filename="$moddir$FS22_TCBO_MCE/maps/placeables/glassfactory/glassfactory.xml" id="75" position="-605.65002441406 188.59899902344 150.57899475098" rotation="0 17.076000557145 0" age="1.000000" price="60000.000000" farmId="1" mapBoundId="sellingStationBakery">        <productionPoint productionCostsToClaim="0.029491">            <production id="glass" isEnabled="true"/>            <storage farmId="1">                <node fillType="GLASS" fillLevel="0"/>                <node fillType="PROPANE" fillLevel="0"/>            </storage>        </productionPoint>    </placeable>   

Changelog v2:

- add all products by default (wheat, maize, etc) to the selling stations.

- remove grass from roads

- add filltype propane and rubble

- add glass factory

- increase discharge speed on pallets

- fix steel pallet

- adjust diesel consumption on rock processor

- change some textures

- change all ground textures for FS22 

- fix sheet marble pallet 

- new textures for bricks pallet

- change the triggers on bricks factory 

- fix the problem with trees (cant make woodchips)

My official site with my mods: https://fs-mce.site/

My youtube channel: click_here

My patreon page: click_here

My discord channel: click_here


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Commented on 2022-07-29 21:44:50

Enlarge it to a 16x map with more space for farming and forestry.

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