Grünfelder Land v1.3.0.0


Welcome to the Grünfelder Land!


Patch Notes:

New productions

Decoration finished

New economic system

Adjusted existing productions

Adjusted and added labeling for productions

Added collectibles (50 pieces)

Adjusted production prices

Added new silos for the yards

Added earth fruit storage as a placeable object and made existing storage on farm 6 functional

New sheepfold

New chicken coop

Loud sound files have been made quieter

Added parish hall and police station for roleplay players

various bug fixes

The map has a script built in that does NOT require a singleplayer and multiplayer version, the LS and the

server decide now if it is a MP or a SP version.

In multiplayer we have as usual with the 8 farms.

What we offer: 145 fields, 18 forests, 5 villages and 2 towns.

There are some nice places on the map that want to be discovered by you!

Patch Notes:

New productions

Deco finished

New economic system

Existing productions adapted

Labeling for productions adapted and added

Collectables added (50 pieces)

Production prices adjusted

Added new silos for the farms

Added earth crop store as placeable object and made existing store on farm 6 functional

New sheep pen

New chicken coop

Loud sound files made quieter

Town hall and police station added for roleplay players

Various bug fixes

For the butcher you need the mod FS22 ANIMAL PRODUCTION

# FS22 Animal Production

Known problem

A maximum of 250 sheep may be bought from the sheep barn at the same time.

Otherwise the money for more than 250 sheep is debited and only 44 sheep appear in the stable.

FS22_A_ProductionRevamp (at least version is required or the map will not load

# Production Revamp

Please keep in mind that this map is work in progress and bugs and errors can be expected and we are working on them. We try to keep the number of bugs low ;)

Bug reports are welcome and can be shared in Discord! (


Echttod & Malonation
Test Team
[FM] Farmer Marco

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