Indoor Camera Auto Rotation v1.1.0.0


This mod supports all base game front loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers with articulated steering.

It simply allows an indoor camera to follow the front of the vehicle when you steer left or right.

You need to buy the ones marked as: (Camera rotation).

You can choose sensitivity of rotation or you can turn off the function in the shop.


Indoor camera suspension has to be turned off in menu to get mod working.

Supported vehicles:

Front loaders:

- Shaffer 23E

- Shaffer 2630

- Class Torion 639

Wheel loaders:

- Class Torion 956 Sinus

- Class Torion 1511

- Class Torion 1914


- Shaffer 4670 T

- Shaffer 9660 T-2


- Added color configuration

- Added rim color configuration

- Added beacon lights configuration

- Added wheels configuration (Shaffer loaders)

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.



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