Lizard Hydra-Glide XL Header Storage System v1.0.0.1


Introducing the new Hydra-Glide XL Header Storage System, designed to effortlessly store large grain and sunflower headers of 13 meters and above with the convenience of an automatic hydraulic lift system.

Changelog v1.0.0.1:
- Updated Beacon Lights
- Removed Collisions from the Control Panel
- Removed Ground paint
- 20% Faster Speed

Say goodbye to manual lifting and handling of heavy headers, as our innovative storage solution provides a seamless and efficient way to store and access your equipment.
Experience enhanced safety, organization, and usability with the Hydra-Glide XL Header Storage System - the perfect choice for your agricultural or industrial needs.

Directions for loading and unloading the Lizard Hydra-Glide XL Header Storage System;
Load the Storage starting with rack 1.
Fold the grain reel, place on rack. Reset Rack 1.
Proceed to lower Rack 2, repeat loading and resetting.

It is vital that you reset racks in between storing each header. In the event of an emergency please use the Emergency Stop button located on the control panel.
Rack triggers are located at the number corresponding to the rack.

Found under Tools category.

XL Hydra-Glide System
-Capacity for x3 13m+ Grain Headers
-Color Options
-Automatic Lift System

Priced at $17,500

L Hydra-Glide System
-Capacity for x3 7.5m+ Grain Headers
-Color Options
-Automatic Lift System

Priced at $12,500



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